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Yoga in the heart of rural Maine

About Sundew Studio

Sundew Studio brings yoga to people in the Pittsfield, Maine, region and is guided by the following beliefs:

Everybody deserves to feel the benefits of yoga; the more of us practicing, the better for everybody.
The breath guides us; the body remembers.
Yoga can come from anywhere; you determine how it works for you.
We practice balance and alignment on the mat to engage in a balanced and aligned life off the mat.
Yoga practiced in community creates a contagious spirit of unity and support, but that doesn't mean it will never annoy you.

Practice is an expansive, lifelong endeavor.
We practice together as a reminder of our interdependent connection to all that is, ever has been, and ever will be.
We are all always learning.
We are all already whole and holy.


As we fill classes & grow this first year, we will add more options for both classes & teachers. Tell your friends!

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This Introductory 3-Class Pass is for new practitioners who want to get a feel for the studio before plunging in with a membership or a session pass.


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If you are a first-time Sundew Member, you can enjoy the benefits of full membership (see below) for one year + get a free Manduka yoga mat ($82 value).

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The Community Supported Yoga Package includes a FREE yoga mat, unlimited classes for six months, discounts on extra services, & a monthly guest pass!

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Frequently asked questions


Is yoga for me?

Yoga is for every body and almost all bodies — male, female, non-binary — all ethnicities, religions, races, backgrounds, and circumstances. If yoga appeals to you, it is for you. Even if yoga doesn’t appeal to you, it might be for you. Check it out and give it a few tries. If, after a few attempts, you aren't happy, try a new teacher, a new studio, or explore some options online.


How can I get started with yoga?

Come to Gentle Yoga for a slow introduction or Roots Yoga, a class designed for beginners, for those who haven’t practiced for some time, or for those who simply want or need a guided practice with modifications. You might also like Yin or Restorative classes.


I’m not flexible. Can I do yoga?

Yes. Yoga classes teach flexibility, strength, balance, and body awareness among a host of other benefits to the body/mind. Come to class to practice. The grass is always greener where it’s watered. Pay attention and you will find benefit.

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A deep, guided meditation said to move stagnant energies and revitalize the body set to the ancient sounds of Tibetan Bowls. Healer Nancy Durand Lanson leads. Space is limited to 12, so register today.

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Led by Indigenous activist & healer Sherri Mitchell
restorative yoga

We have all been impacted by histories of violence: the oppressed, the oppressor, and the witness alike bear the wounds of our collective past. This 2-day workshop will take participants on an intensive journey into the Indigenous mythology and cosmology of the Wabanaki - the original natives of Maine - as a means of healing our collective wounds and reconnecting with our spiritual source.

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Sundew Studio Blog

Why Name a Yoga Studio after a Carnivorous Plant?

Sundews use their stalked and beautiful mucilaginous glands to attract and then devour things with arms and legs. That’s a kind of creepy plant after which to name a yoga studio, isn’t it?

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